Individually designed and produced by Elaine Davies


I have always made things, so did my mother and grandmother. I was surrounded by it from a child. 

After working in NHS for some years, working in estates and catering, I decided filling out triplicate forms for anything and everything was not for me.

I felt I had missed out on University so at 21 I went to study social work in Leeds.              

I never continued with social work as the same bureaucracy as the NHS had caught up social services.So after my degree I did a sabbatical on the students union, in finance, signing bands etc.It was here I rediscovered my creative instincts.  One of the girls in the finance office to work 2 colours together in knitting and as a poor student I had balls of wool put aside in the local wool shop!

 Very soon I got the hang of it. Friends commissioned me to make up their own designs.      

I cringe now to think of some of them!! I then went on a short course to study knitting techniques and had a very inspirational teacher who was fantastic on textures and colour.    

I was smitten.

I wanted to do more designs of my own, but with little money, I approached the bank for a loan to get started.I was refused. Luckily not long after I won £50 on premium bonds and off I trucked with a rucksack to the local mill and blew all £50!

I then made up waistcoats ( sleeves cost more to knit)! I booked my first show at the Otley show, sharing a stand. I was in seventh heaven.The rest is history as they say....

I have built up my business, designing and producing high quality and individual knitwear to appeal to a cross section of ages.
Over the last 30 years, I have established a very loyal customer base, with many repeat clients, who because of my continually changing designs always find something which appeals to them.