New gallery of colours for tasseled and long cotton scarves.

When ordering please be aware that patterns will vary- it all depends on what I feel like making on the day!

Also the long scarves are a slightly finer knit to the tassled scarves.

To get the bigger picture of each colour just click on the colour.How clever is that!

I hope that you enjoy looking at the range of colours.

If you would like them for Birthday/Christmas PLEASE order early so you are not disappointed if the colours you would like are out of stock.I shall not be making any more scarves after 1st week in December  until March in new year.

     36 inch tasseled cotton scarf                             72 inch long cotton scarf 


All the following colours are available in  Tasseled versions. 

I have marked those which are available in the long scarves 

I have introduced some new colours for 2015. At present these are only available at shows.